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I designed this small lamp for my summer camp students who built the 8 watt stereo amplifier. Before they attempted to solder all the components for the amp i let them solder the switch and light fitting. They had no idea i had made these lamps for them so i hope they enjoy the lovely warm glow. The sizes of popsicle sticks used are 11.5 cm and 6 cm. The base was a 5mm thick piece of board that i had lying around, inside the lamp are matchsticks which stop the lamp from falling over the base. The bulb is 7 watt and produces a lovely warm light.

A super mini cube lamp

The wooden base

the underside showing the 6 cm feet

simply beautiful

paper texture and simple design

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This lamp was designed for my students, I thought I would give them an electrical project to build. It truly is very simple with just a few popsicle sticks and a piece of paper. Most of the work was making the electrical cable with a switch. The cube lamp in the pictures is my own personal version, the students made a normal flat standing cube.

the cube standing on it's corner

a wonderful ambient light

everything is made from wood

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This craft came about because one of my students made a balloon paper măché shade in an art class. She made it so well I thought I would design a lamp stand for her, and this is what I came up with. We both made a lamp stand from popsicle sticks and I made the electrical fittings for a 15W bulb. When she switched it on she was amazed at her work. The pictures here are my lamp shade I made, I painted it yellow and red for a lovely warm glow. My wife did a waldorf colour scheme.

a quick and simple lamp for students to make

the complete popsicle stick stand

a very simple construction for the stand

this lamp shade was made by my wife

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This is another lovely popsicle kit made in Taiwan. I made it during the summer vacation and it looks beautiful. These kits are very cheap and well worth getting into the world of crafts. You can buy them in Taiwan from this website. Popsicle stick kits

a great popsicle stick lamp, it comes complete with glue and light fitting

a wonderful warm glow at night

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This is the first project to be completed this winter vacation. As soon as Lee-Kuo was home he began making this beautiful lamp. These lovely kits are really nice to make for family and friends, here is the website to buy all sorts of crafts in Taiwan. Crafts in Taiwan

a lovely popsicle stick house, made by Lee-Kuo

this style of house reminds us of life in Germany

a lovely orange glow fills the room at night

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I actually made this lamp with my English students. I bought 3 kits and we built these over a period of a few weeks. The children were really pleased with their lamps and we used a 2 watt LED light. You can buy a kit in Taiwan from this website.buy a kit here

A lovely lamp made from popsicle sticks and wood

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This is another popsicle lamp I made during the summer vacation. It’s actually the same kit as the boat lamp in an earlier post, but I simply made everything from scratch including the electrical cable and switch. I love this kind of craft it gives you a warm feeling and pleasure in using wood.click here to buy the kit in Taiwan

a beautiful popsicle stick night lamp

a beautiful popsicle stick night lamp

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