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A new semester is about to begin and so I designed this popsicle boat for a student. We are doing transportation and this is a lovely craft for boats. It speeds along brilliantly and the rudder gives it more control for bigger ponds. It has 4 coats of clear lacquer to protect it from the water. Let me know if you need plans then I’ll draw them up as a PDF for download.

front view showing the 2 coloured popsicle sticks

the rear view showing the rudder

side view showing the design and polystyrene pieces

wide angle front view

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As you know we love making things and I especially enjoy teaching students how to be creative. These students had great fun making this simple but practical pencil holder. Crafts are an effective way to teach English in the classroom.

click to view full size

happy students with their popsicle pencil holders

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This is another lovely popsicle kit made in Taiwan. I made it during the summer vacation and it looks beautiful. These kits are very cheap and well worth getting into the world of crafts. You can buy them in Taiwan from this website. Popsicle stick kits

a great popsicle stick lamp, it comes complete with glue and light fitting

a wonderful warm glow at night

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I have made this popsicle money box with all my students and all of them were so overjoyed when they had finished. It really is a lovely thing and to make one yourself is a great achievement. The original can be bought as a kit in every stationary shop in Taiwan, but I bought packs of popsicle sticks and cut them myself for each student. Take a look at the original kit that Lee-Kuo made earlier on this blog, or have a look at the original kit from Big3 in Taiwan. Original kit here

the popsicle money box using self bought popsicle sticks

a group of students with their newly completed popsicle money box

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I designed this CD rack for my students. It’s made entirely from popsicle sticks. You will need a special 15 mm thick stick if you wish to make one. After the first design for my students I designed the special curved rack for my 10 CD music collection. They look great!!! and are very easy to make.

a very easy popsicle stick cd rack designed for my students

this was my first design which is very easy for young children

this is my second design specifically for my 10 CD music collection

a happy student with her CD rack

another happy student with his CD rack

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This is the first project to be completed this winter vacation. As soon as Lee-Kuo was home he began making this beautiful lamp. These lovely kits are really nice to make for family and friends, here is the website to buy all sorts of crafts in Taiwan. Crafts in Taiwan

a lovely popsicle stick house, made by Lee-Kuo

this style of house reminds us of life in Germany

a lovely orange glow fills the room at night

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Just before the end of the last semester I decided to let the students make another popsicle project. I designed the holder around the square base so the whole thing was completely improvised as we made it. The students enjoyed it and they all got an eraser and a 2B pencil from their teacher.

a very quick improvised popsicle stick pencil holder

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