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This is not an original idea but nevertheless a wonderful craft for children to make. With just one packet of 50 large sticks you can make this beautiful treasure chest for those small things in life. I have made this craft with all my students and they still use them today.

a very simple popsicle craft for children and adults

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Here is another wonderfully simple but very cute crochet project for the weekend. My wife made these to give away as gifts and they really are useful for dusting small objects. The pattern comes from a Japanese crochet book. Until the next post, happy crocheting.

a great gift for friends, crochet finger dusters

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When the winter vacation began, Lee-Kuo designed another wonderful maze, this time in the shape of a pyramid. He used the exact angles as the pyramids of Giza and we created a 3d model to help us make the paper model. It was not easy drawing the paper model especially with many strange angles but we succeeded. After we made it many people have had lots of fun trying to get the ball through the maze. Click here for the 3d model

the pyramid base with strengthening bars

the side with strengthening bars

the base and first level walls

level 2 and walls

level 3 and walls

the top

the finished pyramid maze

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