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This beautiful night lamp is number three in our collection of house lamps. My son Lee wanted to make this and just about completed everything except for the difficult roof section. They really are lovely and give a beautiful orange glow during the night. All the house kits are available in Taiwan from stationary shops or direct from the supplier at this address. big3

the third popsicle stick house we have made from big3

close-up of the lovely wooden details

the lovely warm orange glow during the night

close-up of the front door at night time

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I have made this popsicle money box with all my students and all of them were so overjoyed when they had finished. It really is a lovely thing and to make one yourself is a great achievement. The original can be bought as a kit in every stationary shop in Taiwan, but I bought packs of popsicle sticks and cut them myself for each student. Take a look at the original kit that Lee-Kuo made earlier on this blog, or have a look at the original kit from Big3 in Taiwan. Original kit here

the popsicle money box using self bought popsicle sticks

a group of students with their newly completed popsicle money box

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This is the first project to be completed this winter vacation. As soon as Lee-Kuo was home he began making this beautiful lamp. These lovely kits are really nice to make for family and friends, here is the website to buy all sorts of crafts in Taiwan. Crafts in Taiwan

a lovely popsicle stick house, made by Lee-Kuo

this style of house reminds us of life in Germany

a lovely orange glow fills the room at night

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I remember seeing this wonderful house on another website. I then decided to give it a go with two of my students, they loved it and I have now made it with all my students. I created windows in the walls and designed a table and chair to fit inside. As you can see it looks great and my students love to keep their treasures inside. Go to my downloads page and download basic instructions to make your own popsicle stick house or visit my YouTube channel and watch how to build this house yourself . Watch on YouTubeclick here for original design


a beautiful popsicle stick house with table and chairs


my design for a popsicle stick table


my design for a popsicle stick chair

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