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This lamp was designed for my students, I thought I would give them an electrical project to build. It truly is very simple with just a few popsicle sticks and a piece of paper. Most of the work was making the electrical cable with a switch. The cube lamp in the pictures is my own personal version, the students made a normal flat standing cube.

the cube standing on it's corner

a wonderful ambient light

everything is made from wood

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My students are really good at folding paper after many years of my teaching methods. I decided to try a cute simple modular design to give my students another level of origami. We coloured all the pieces with crayons which made it more personal and they loved it. All of my students drew faces on the rabbits but I left mine white. Go to the origami club website to find lots of wonderful modular origami. Website here origami club

a really wonderful and simple example of modular origami from the origami club

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