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This is another lovely popsicle kit made in Taiwan. I made it during the summer vacation and it looks beautiful. These kits are very cheap and well worth getting into the world of crafts. You can buy them in Taiwan from this website. Popsicle stick kits

a great popsicle stick lamp, it comes complete with glue and light fitting

a wonderful warm glow at night

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The summer vacation is over and here is a beautifully presented stereo amplifier from Lee-Kuo. We found the kit in our local electronics store. It came with all the components but no schematics or instructions so we simply decided to put it together as we thought best. We wanted it to look impressive so we found this wooden tray in HOLA. It sounds absolutely fantastic through my MA84’s and a SONY X339ES CD player. Lee-Kuo is now 13 and he soldered everything by himself, this is 90% his project, I just drilled the base and prepared a few cables. Until the next vacation project, happy listening.

the front with the bass, treble, balance and volume pots.

the rear with rca inputs, speaker terminals, on/off and power socket

close up of the tone controls board

close up of the power supply board

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