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I thought I would use this blog to show some of the pictures I have taken over the past 35 years. Let’s begin with a few macro pics of flowers. Today it’s so easy to switch on a digital camera, point and click. My camera is always in manual mode and I like to “Take a picture” so composition is very important. Anyway, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in these pictures of flowers.

A rose in my mum's garden

the world of macro photography on digital cameras

depth of field in macro photography

the wonder and beauty on this scale is beyond words

such incredible design

an orchid inside the wonderful rain forest, science museum, Taichung

another beautiful rose

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I remember seeing this wonderful house on another website. I then decided to give it a go with two of my students, they loved it and I have now made it with all my students. I created windows in the walls and designed a table and chair to fit inside. As you can see it looks great and my students love to keep their treasures inside. Go to my downloads page and download basic instructions to make your own popsicle stick house or visit my YouTube channel and watch how to build this house yourself . Watch on YouTubeclick here for original design


a beautiful popsicle stick house with table and chairs


my design for a popsicle stick table


my design for a popsicle stick chair

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Here is another simple piece of crochet. Lee-Kuo made this because it looked so cute in a Japanese crochet book. Just recently he said he felt like doing some more crochet, so let’s find out what he makes.


a Japanese crochet carrot duster

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These lovely little dolls were made by my wife when our son was in the Waldorfschule Wangen. They are so cute and can be used to tell stories to children. I used them when I was a kindergarten teacher in Taiwan. They are not easy to make but certainly worth the effort.


the mother of the family


the father of the family


the daughter of the family


the son of the family

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Children love to make this craft. I have had so many students tell me how much they enjoyed making these simple but beautiful God’s eyes. I have even made them in a mini van going to Kaohsiung. When I taught summer camp the adults loved making them because it was so peaceful and relaxing.


I made this one with students on the way to Kaohsiung


double-sided god's eye


I made this with students in a senior high school


my summer camp students and their God's eyes

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Electronic die

This was another winter vacation project. Lee-Kuo and I love electronic things and so we just had to copy this little circuit. We found all the components in our local electronics shop and then we etched the PCB. We painted the PCB green which was a bad idea because it created a short circuit somewhere. We know it works because it lights up, but we need to make another one without the glossy paint.


It really is a lovely thing, just a pity we painted it


next time we won't paint it and then it will work

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Crochet poodle

This is another one of those cute cuddly dogs found in a Japanese crochet book. Originally Lee-Kuo began making it but couldn’t find his place in the crochet because of the special yarn so he just made the body and head. Eventually my wife completed the special yarn and it looks great.


a wonderful soft cuddly poodle, made by my wife and son

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