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My students are really good at folding paper after many years of my teaching methods. I decided to try a cute simple modular design to give my students another level of origami. We coloured all the pieces with crayons which made it more personal and they loved it. All of my students drew faces on the rabbits but I left mine white. Go to the origami club website to find lots of wonderful modular origami. Website here origami club

a really wonderful and simple example of modular origami from the origami club

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After completing his level 1 Menger sponge 2 years ago, Lee-Kuo had enthusiasm to build a level 2 Menger sponge from business cards. We knew it would take around 3456 cards so we had them cut at our local paper mill. Folding the cards takes a big part of the time and is the most boring part for Lee-Kuo. So far so good let’s hope he finishes soon.

taking shape and getting stronger

one more layer to go, getting very strong now

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For the last class of the semester I decided to give my students the opportunity to make little key rings from fuse beads. They were all so happy to create tiny key chains from beads. They had great patience in placing the beads and the class was very relaxed. It was a wonderful craft for the end of the semester.

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fuse bead key chains, great for the last class of the semester

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