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We had a few magazines lying around and my wife decided to have a go at paper weaving. These are the results and I think they are really amazing. The handbag gets lots of attention and many people would like to buy one. The dogs are also really incredible, which shows that this system of weaving lends itself to almost any shape.


a beautiful paper handbag


a lovely paper dog


very practical and simply functional


wonderful proportions


paper is so strong


great patterns


so cute


lovely strong weave

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This was one of those spontaneous projects that simply went straight into action. Lee-Kuo used his 3D skills and completely designed the instrument in Cinema 4D using a grid system for the tuned length. After he had completed the model we decided to build it. It’s a slow process but we are making great progress. You can watch a stop animation of this instrument on my YouTube channel, Lee-Kuo created the animation and music for the video. I will update this post when we complete the instrument.  Watch the animation here  Instructions here

view from the front ( 3D rendering )

view from the rear ( 3D rendering )

in the process of building

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After many hours of folding business cards and building the cubes the 2nd level Menger sponge is complete. It really is an eye catcher, especially now that we have made it into a light. Lee-Kuo folded about 60% of the cards and I completed the rest. We folded 3456 business cards to create the sponge. Another great achievement for Lee-Kuo.

level 2 business cards Menger sponge

more from the top

Lee-Kuo through the sponge

the light inside the sponge

we use the sponge as our ambient light in the lounge, it's amazing

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Handbag from old cloth

After a long break from doing handy crafts my wife has made 5 of these beautiful handbags, all of them using old cloth found in the cupboard. All her friends wanted them so now they have all vanished.

a lovely example of my wife's handy work

another fine example of old cloth being recycled

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This is the second post of photos I have taken over the years. Once again macro is a wonderful utility on these new snapshot digital cameras. I love to get close to the subject and simply click. The colours and detail in nature are beyond words so I’ll just let you look at the pictures.

the red weed from war of the worlds

a caterpillar

praying mantis


just wonderful

a wall of plants in a shopping mall in Taichung

life beginning

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This was a quick creation I came up with for a student who loves cars. I had lots of clear plastic CD’s and decided to use them for wheels, the gold rubber band came from a cake box and we had lots of them. The body is cardboard and popsicle sticks and the axles are pencils in straws. They go really well on a flat surface and we raced them across his room.

The rubber band powered car showing the clear cd's

view of the front axle

view of the rear axle

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After completing his level 1 Menger sponge 2 years ago, Lee-Kuo had enthusiasm to build a level 2 Menger sponge from business cards. We knew it would take around 3456 cards so we had them cut at our local paper mill. Folding the cards takes a big part of the time and is the most boring part for Lee-Kuo. So far so good let’s hope he finishes soon.

taking shape and getting stronger

one more layer to go, getting very strong now

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For the last class of the semester I decided to give my students the opportunity to make little key rings from fuse beads. They were all so happy to create tiny key chains from beads. They had great patience in placing the beads and the class was very relaxed. It was a wonderful craft for the end of the semester.

click on the picture to enlarge

fuse bead key chains, great for the last class of the semester

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After a long break from doing crafts we are now back with another wonderful project. My son Lee built a 30Watt stereo amplifier during the summer vacation and designed these speakers at school. Finally we managed to find time to complete them and the gluing of felt was a great exercise in being neat. The loudspeakers cost 10 Euro from our local electronics shop. They look, feel and sound great on his amplifier (see a post further down) We will design speaker stands for them to bring them to ear height.

an inside view showing the bracing and front bass port

front view showing the 3 holes and construction

speaker connections on the rear

The front view with the lovely duo tone felting

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The summer vacation is over and here is a beautifully presented stereo amplifier from Lee-Kuo. We found the kit in our local electronics store. It came with all the components but no schematics or instructions so we simply decided to put it together as we thought best. We wanted it to look impressive so we found this wooden tray in HOLA. It sounds absolutely fantastic through my MA84’s and a SONY X339ES CD player. Lee-Kuo is now 13 and he soldered everything by himself, this is 90% his project, I just drilled the base and prepared a few cables. Until the next vacation project, happy listening.

the front with the bass, treble, balance and volume pots.

the rear with rca inputs, speaker terminals, on/off and power socket

close up of the tone controls board

close up of the power supply board

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