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I have always wanted to make this string ball lamp and decided to have a go on a sunny afternoon on our balcony. I mixed the PVA glue with water and began wrapping the balloon, glue went everywhere and it took about 1 hour to complete. I made the basic popsicle stand and fitted it with a standard light fitting. It looks great in our study room.

Lee-Kuo calls it a tree lamp

close-up showing the bulb inside

the supports for the string ball

all lit up

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This is something I always wanted to do with students. I have drawn parabolic designs since I was young and always wanted to create them with cotton and felt. Having a small group of home schoolers was a great opportunity to make this craft, it needed approximately 100 nails for each board which they hammered with great delight. The finished crafts were great and they were really pleased.

Lee-Kuo's 2 colour 10 pointed star design

another beautiful star design in white

a circular design in the making

a great 5 pointed star

a free form design with 400 nails

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As Lee-Kuo was sitting in his classroom, the student next to him asked if he was bored, because Lee had just drawn the whole alphabet on a test sheet. These are amazing creations drawn with great skill and care. It is one single thread that creates each letter, take a look at the letter B which Lee made one evening. He never stops making his parents proud of him, fantastic Lee-Kuo.

lovely drawings of weaving patterns from Lee-Kuo

lower case letters

amazing alphabet weaving patterns drawn on the back of a test sheet

close-up of the marvelous drawing skill and idea

a different version using 3 pins and his woven letter B

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Here is another wonderfully simple but very cute crochet project for the weekend. My wife made these to give away as gifts and they really are useful for dusting small objects. The pattern comes from a Japanese crochet book. Until the next post, happy crocheting.

a great gift for friends, crochet finger dusters

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Lee-Kuo made this a couple of years ago, we filled it with lots of sweets. As you can see, it’s not that big, but the colours and the snowflake give it a very special feel. After he finished this one he made another which is twice the size.

Lee-Kuo's beautiful stocking

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Knitted cats

These beautiful knitted cats were made by my wife. They are so soft and cuddly she gave them away as gifts to new born babies. She made sure they were child safe before sending them away to our friends in France. Many people have commented on how soft and cuddly they are.

A beautiful soft knitted cat

Three cats for three babies

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Here is another simple piece of crochet. Lee-Kuo made this because it looked so cute in a Japanese crochet book. Just recently he said he felt like doing some more crochet, so let’s find out what he makes.


a Japanese crochet carrot duster

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