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This beautiful night lamp is number three in our collection of house lamps. My son Lee wanted to make this and just about completed everything except for the difficult roof section. They really are lovely and give a beautiful orange glow during the night. All the house kits are available in Taiwan from stationary shops or direct from the supplier at this address. big3

the third popsicle stick house we have made from big3

close-up of the lovely wooden details

the lovely warm orange glow during the night

close-up of the front door at night time

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A new semester is about to begin and so I designed this popsicle boat for a student. We are doing transportation and this is a lovely craft for boats. It speeds along brilliantly and the rudder gives it more control for bigger ponds. It has 4 coats of clear lacquer to protect it from the water. Let me know if you need plans then I’ll draw them up as a PDF for download.

front view showing the 2 coloured popsicle sticks

the rear view showing the rudder

side view showing the design and polystyrene pieces

wide angle front view

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