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Here are the last 2 drawings Lee-Kuo drew in art class this semester. Normally he never shows us his school work but these are really good so I said I would put them on my blog.

great ideas from Lee-Kuo to complete this drawing

the topic was "LUNCHBOX" so he came all the way from space to his desk

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Lee-Kuo came home one day from school and showed us this lovely montage. We thought it was a great piece of work for the subject of flowers.

Lee-Kuo's flower montage from the school art class

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Another semester has ended and I thought I would share this little project with you. I began with the popsicle frame because this gave me the artwork size. Then I printed the children’s names and cut the paper to fit the frame. The children loved working with sand, but you must do this project outside. I collected all the sand which was on the table and used it for the outer frame of the picture. The students really enjoyed being outside and creating this simple project.

a simple but lovely project for students, and it's all natural

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