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This was a topic my students chose and I thought it was a fantastic idea. I went to many supermarkets to find cookies and wafers that would make a quick and simple cookie house. After I had eaten many packets I found the correct ones. During the class we melted the chocolate using the hot water method and used 600g of milk and white chocolate. Adding M&M’s and marshmallows was also a delight. The students had a lot of fun and so did I, Thank you once again all of you in my class.

My students having fun with melted chocolate

we need more M&M's

A wonderful cookie house

Fantastic houses, well done everyone

Great idea for the marshmallows

We need more M&M's

A wonderful cookie house

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I actually made this lamp with my English students. I bought 3 kits and we built these over a period of a few weeks. The children were really pleased with their lamps and we used a 2 watt LED light. You can buy a kit in Taiwan from this website.buy a kit here

A lovely lamp made from popsicle sticks and wood

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