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After many hours of folding business cards and building the cubes the 2nd level Menger sponge is complete. It really is an eye catcher, especially now that we have made it into a light. Lee-Kuo folded about 60% of the cards and I completed the rest. We folded 3456 business cards to create the sponge. Another great achievement for Lee-Kuo.

level 2 business cards Menger sponge

more from the top

Lee-Kuo through the sponge

the light inside the sponge

we use the sponge as our ambient light in the lounge, it's amazing

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Handbag from old cloth

After a long break from doing handy crafts my wife has made 5 of these beautiful handbags, all of them using old cloth found in the cupboard. All her friends wanted them so now they have all vanished.

a lovely example of my wife's handy work

another fine example of old cloth being recycled

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This is the second post of photos I have taken over the years. Once again macro is a wonderful utility on these new snapshot digital cameras. I love to get close to the subject and simply click. The colours and detail in nature are beyond words so I’ll just let you look at the pictures.

the red weed from war of the worlds

a caterpillar

praying mantis


just wonderful

a wall of plants in a shopping mall in Taichung

life beginning

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Here’s another lovely origami box using the modular method. Once again it’s from the fantastic origami-club website. I made these lovely boxes with my students and they really liked the shiny coloured paper which gives it that quality feel. origami-club

inside the boxes

the outsides showing the lovely colours

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This was a quick creation I came up with for a student who loves cars. I had lots of clear plastic CD’s and decided to use them for wheels, the gold rubber band came from a cake box and we had lots of them. The body is cardboard and popsicle sticks and the axles are pencils in straws. They go really well on a flat surface and we raced them across his room.

The rubber band powered car showing the clear cd's

view of the front axle

view of the rear axle

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