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This is the second post of photos I have taken over the years. Once again macro is a wonderful utility on these new snapshot digital cameras. I love to get close to the subject and simply click. The colours and detail in nature are beyond words so I’ll just let you look at the pictures.

the red weed from war of the worlds

a caterpillar

praying mantis


just wonderful

a wall of plants in a shopping mall in Taichung

life beginning

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I thought I would use this blog to show some of the pictures I have taken over the past 35 years. Let’s begin with a few macro pics of flowers. Today it’s so easy to switch on a digital camera, point and click. My camera is always in manual mode and I like to “Take a picture” so composition is very important. Anyway, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in these pictures of flowers.

A rose in my mum's garden

the world of macro photography on digital cameras

depth of field in macro photography

the wonder and beauty on this scale is beyond words

such incredible design

an orchid inside the wonderful rain forest, science museum, Taichung

another beautiful rose

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