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I designed this CD rack for my students. It’s made entirely from popsicle sticks. You will need a special 15 mm thick stick if you wish to make one. After the first design for my students I designed the special curved rack for my 10 CD music collection. They look great!!! and are very easy to make.

a very easy popsicle stick cd rack designed for my students

this was my first design which is very easy for young children

this is my second design specifically for my 10 CD music collection

a happy student with her CD rack

another happy student with his CD rack


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I found this kit in a torn plastic bag behind lots of coloured felt. It was so cheap I had to buy it. I made this at the same time my son was making his night light house. (first post on this blog) The instructions were pretty vague and in Chinese, so I simply made it from experience. I changed a few things such as the back and the sides. The CD stand now rests next to our music system on our balcony, which is our workshop. Here is a link to buy the kit in Taiwan. Popsicle stick CD stand

A popsicle stick CD stand I found hiding on the shelves

A popsicle stick CD stand I found hiding on the shelves

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