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As Lee-Kuo was sitting in his classroom, the student next to him asked if he was bored, because Lee had just drawn the whole alphabet on a test sheet. These are amazing creations drawn with great skill and care. It is one single thread that creates each letter, take a look at the letter B which Lee made one evening. He never stops making his parents proud of him, fantastic Lee-Kuo.

lovely drawings of weaving patterns from Lee-Kuo

lower case letters

amazing alphabet weaving patterns drawn on the back of a test sheet

close-up of the marvelous drawing skill and idea

a different version using 3 pins and his woven letter B


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Lee-Kuo has been knotting since he was about 8 years old. He watched his mum make complicated patterns and animals and began knotting simple things like the examples below. Now he can knot incredibly complicated patterns and enjoys making them for friends.

2 simple examples of Chinese knotting from Lee-Kuo

2 simple examples of Chinese knotting from Lee-Kuo

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