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Lee-Kuo is now a teenager and we thought it would be a good age to watch the old classic Star Wars movies. He loved them and I really enjoyed watching them again, so we decided to look for the models I made about 10 years ago from Shunichi Makino and we found his web page. Lee-Kuo had so much enthusiasm he cut, glued and built these models early in the morning and evening. He is now building the X-Wing. Shunichi Makino website here

star wars papercraft designed by Shunichi Makino

R2-D2 from star wars and a great working paper model, it all moves

the TIE-Interceptor paper model

the TIE-Fighter paper model

the Y-Wing paper model


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When the winter vacation began, Lee-Kuo designed another wonderful maze, this time in the shape of a pyramid. He used the exact angles as the pyramids of Giza and we created a 3d model to help us make the paper model. It was not easy drawing the paper model especially with many strange angles but we succeeded. After we made it many people have had lots of fun trying to get the ball through the maze. Click here for the 3d model

the pyramid base with strengthening bars

the side with strengthening bars

the base and first level walls

level 2 and walls

level 3 and walls

the top

the finished pyramid maze

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This beautiful maze was completely designed by Lee-Kuo. He began with a few sketches on graph paper and then decided to use a 20 mm cube grid system with 5 mm thick walls. He drew the maze on 4 separate floors until he had a great pathway to the end. After he had finished the drawings he wanted to make it with matchsticks, we glued about 500 together and decided it would take to long, so I drew everything in Illustrator and printed it onto 120g paper. The result is a wonderfully strong cube maze which gives people hours of fun trying to get the ball through the maze. I am now working on an animated solution which will be on my YouTube channel when finished.

the sides and top of the cube, 5 mm thick

the base with 2 sides glued on

1st floor glued into place

2nd floor glued into place

3rd floor glued into place

the completed cube maze, well done Lee-Kuo

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As you can see I love making paper models. This collection was for my kindergarten students as a thank you because they were really good for putting up with me for two years. I made them during their nap time for about 6 months. I chose not to use air conditioning (we need to save the earth) so I had to be careful not to drip sweat all over the paper. We live in Taiwan so the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius. By the way I had 14 boys and 1 girl.

6 months of cutting and gluing for my kindergarten children

6 months of cutting and gluing for my kindergarten children

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