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After many hours of folding business cards and building the cubes the 2nd level Menger sponge is complete. It really is an eye catcher, especially now that we have made it into a light. Lee-Kuo folded about 60% of the cards and I completed the rest. We folded 3456 business cards to create the sponge. Another great achievement for Lee-Kuo.

level 2 business cards Menger sponge

more from the top

Lee-Kuo through the sponge

the light inside the sponge

we use the sponge as our ambient light in the lounge, it's amazing


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After completing his level 1 Menger sponge 2 years ago, Lee-Kuo had enthusiasm to build a level 2 Menger sponge from business cards. We knew it would take around 3456 cards so we had them cut at our local paper mill. Folding the cards takes a big part of the time and is the most boring part for Lee-Kuo. So far so good let’s hope he finishes soon.

taking shape and getting stronger

one more layer to go, getting very strong now

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My son made this level 1 sponge on a Friday morning because we had a long weekend. We had already made cubes from business cards and found the Menger sponge on another website. After putting this level 1 sponge together my son had enough enthusiasm to make a level 3 sponge, but he didn’t have 9 years of time and 66,048 business cards. Take a look at a level 3 sponge here.

My son and his level 1 Menger sponge made from business cards

My son and his level 1 Menger sponge made from business cards

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