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Here are the last 2 drawings Lee-Kuo drew in art class this semester. Normally he never shows us his school work but these are really good so I said I would put them on my blog.

great ideas from Lee-Kuo to complete this drawing

the topic was "LUNCHBOX" so he came all the way from space to his desk


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As Lee-Kuo was sitting in his classroom, the student next to him asked if he was bored, because Lee had just drawn the whole alphabet on a test sheet. These are amazing creations drawn with great skill and care. It is one single thread that creates each letter, take a look at the letter B which Lee made one evening. He never stops making his parents proud of him, fantastic Lee-Kuo.

lovely drawings of weaving patterns from Lee-Kuo

lower case letters

amazing alphabet weaving patterns drawn on the back of a test sheet

close-up of the marvelous drawing skill and idea

a different version using 3 pins and his woven letter B

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